Tour overview

These excursions give you a chance to access, experience and relate to the life of a teenage mother. For example, her life as a wife living with a husband.

Her chores that include house work, grazing domestic animals, gardening, preparing breakfast and lunch for her family, fetching water from the well and basket weaving and so much more. The excursion puts you at the scene, giving you a touch, a feel, a view and experience of a teenage mother in Butambala.

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Day 1 - Travel to Butambala

• Arrive in Butambala to our canter at leisure
• Prepare Super for family members with Teenage Mothers.

Day 2 - Life in a Teen Home

• Morning rise Prepare Kids for school, then visit Garden and some digging briefly,
• Come back and prepare Breakfast Teen Mother and our Guest,
• Prepare matooke, lumonde, cassava, yam, greens and Luwombo (Nkonko, Meat and G-nuts
• Time to fetch water from the well
• Serve Lunch by Teen mother
• Learn Baskets and Mats
• Serve Super and Bon Fire.

Day 3 - Prepare children for School and departure

• Prepare Kids for School,
• Prepare Breakfast,
• community/school visits to stop Teen Pregnancy.

Download pdf brochure