Tour overview

Overview of an excursion with teen mother/s

These excursions give you a chance to access, experience and relate to the life of a teenage mother. For example, her life as a wife living with a husband.

Her chores that include house work, grazing domestic animals, gardening, preparing breakfast and lunch for her family, fetching water from the well and basket weaving and so much more. The excursion puts you at the scene, giving you a touch, a feel, a view and experience of a teenage mother in Butambala.

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Day 1 - Travel, experience and departure

• 9:00Am - Arrival time at Butabala district (Teenage homestead)
• 9:30Am - Meet and greet, then get served breakfast with our guest
• 10:00Am - Together with your guest go do gardening
• 10:30 am comeback with food, and prepare lunch meals (matooke, cassava, yams, Lumonde as food) and the client May choose either greens, Meat, Nkonko or G-nuts as sauce
• 11:00Am - Go to the well to fetch water for home use.
• 2:00Pm - Basket weaving (ekibo), and mat making (omukeka) - The guest/s get to learn how to dress up and dance kiganda dance (Bakisimba).
o All these lessons are from the teenage mothers and visitors get to carry the finished products back home. These include mats and baskets. After this the guest is free to leave at leisure
• 5:00Pm - Depart at leisure back to your Hotel/Lodge

Download pdf brochure