Uganda is highly recognized for its delicious foods from its various cultures and tribes, but none rival the Rolex in popularity. This is because it is simpler to prepare and may be consumed at any time by everyone. The word ‘ROLEX’ is derived from ‘rolled eggs,’ was then appreciated by most university students who live in the comes from the process of rolling the chapatti and eggs together. The concept was first conceived by a Ugandan businessman in Kikoni, near Makerere University in Kampala. The delicacy surrounding neighbourhood and are often looking for a quick and inexpensive meal.

A Rolex is a quick meal that can be obtained at any Chapatti kiosk in Kampala or any small town across the country. Furthermore, you may request a Rolex at any large hotel or chain restaurant and it will be created for you. The Ugandan Rolex is everywhere, and because of its delicious taste and affordable cost, the Rolex delicacy has spread quickly throughout Uganda and other areas of the world. Even CNN rated it one of the top African fast foods, so every traveler visiting Uganda ought to try it.

The Ugandan Rolex was also recently promoted as a culinary tourist attraction in Uganda, and thus, the first-ever Kampala Rolex Festival took place at the Uganda Museum in August 2016. Since then, the Rolex Festival is now an annual event where subsequent Rolex events are staged, and attendance is always high. Furthermore, the largest Ugandan Rolex was inscribed in the Guinness Book of World Records in November 2021. This world-record-breaking Rolex weighed over 200 kg.

But besides, world records and festivals, the Rolex is extremely popular in Uganda, with hundreds of thousands of Ugandans enjoying the delicacy either breakfast, lunch, supper, or a quick snack every day.

Rolex Preparing and Tasting Experience in Downtown – Kampala

This Rolex preparing and tasting experience takes you on an exciting journey to taste the Rolex delicacy in downtown Kampala. You’ll get to know Kampala’s downtown like a resident and get to enjoy a Rolex in the heart of the city on the streets of Kampala. Furthermore, see where the majority of the things sold in the downtown area come from. Understand the daily hustle of most Kampala residents by taking a motorbike ride in the heart of the city.

Most Kampala city tours will take you throughout town, where you may view a variety of Rolex stalls and perhaps have one for lunch because it’s a quick meal. Street food is a terrific way to get to know a new country, and there is nothing more street food in Uganda than a Rolex.

Enjoy a Rolex at Home

One of the reasons the Ugandan Rolex is popular in the country is how easy it is to prepare. This means you can also prepare it by yourself at home. Here are some easy steps to take when preparing a Rolex.

  • Prepare the ingredients for a chapatti including baking flour, cooking oil, salt, heated water or milk, and so on.
  • Prepare the necessary ingredients for mixing within the Eggs, such as onions, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, and green paper.
  • You’ll need a frying pan and the right amount of heat to make a fantastic Rolex.
  • After you’ve finished preparing the chapattis, remove them from the pan and heat up some oil in a frying pan.
  • Mix 2 or 3 eggs with onions, tomatoes, salt, cabbage, and green paper.
  • Fry the eggs and then place a chapatti on top of them while they are frying.
  • You can take it from the pan after approximately 30 seconds.
  • Slice some fresh tomatoes (if you prefer your Rolex with raw tomatoes) and place them on top of the chapatti and egg.
  • After that, roll them together and feast on your delicious Rolex.

Most Rolex dealers in Uganda also make the ‘Kikomando,’ which is also a delicacy in its own right. With the “Kikomando,” the chapatti is chopped into tiny pieces and combined with beans. The “Kikomando” came from one “commando soldier” who enjoyed a hasty supper in a conflict zone. As the Rolex has grown, there are now numerous creative varieties of the delicacy and some of them include beef, chicken, vegetables, mayonnaise, and other ingredients.