During this activity in Rwanda be prepared for with a gorilla permit that bought via our travel agency of FRIENDS NATURE SAFARIS, a valid passport that to be checked  on the entrance of the gates. Other things include the gloves, long sleeved T-shirt, tracking boots, long pants, walking sticks, mineral water and some light snacks.

The activity starts in the morning after a quick warm breakfast then gather and get a brief talk and tips on how you are going to move via the forest from the park ranger. You will be distributed into 10 groups of 8 members each assigned to search a gorilla family in the Volcanoes since there are only 10 habituated gorilla families and this is done per day.

As you start off the activity people with special interest are supposed to communicate to tell the guide in their group in order to get help if needed. At times you may easily track them on a particular day thus making the activity interesting and memorable. Each group has a park ranger and two scout’s one in front and another moving from behind both carrying AK 47 guns in case you find the dangerous wild animals like elephants, lions and angry gorillas. These scouts are well trained and they are supposed to shout in air to scare away these animals but this is not done always.

In the dawn trackers move while clearing the path for the tourist to walk in comfortably, then communicate to the guide so that can get the best path and approach the gorilla family easily. This activity can take for about 30 minutes and also as long as 7-8 hours to find that gorilla family. The forest is green with lash green and light since the trekking path are visible and if you need a break its better to tell you guide and after proceed. Once you find a gorilla family you are allowed to spend only one hour, stay a distance of about 7 meters, stay quiet and move slowly in order not to annoy them as also you learn their behaviors as the silverback controls his area and family. Then take photos and videos but remove the flash lights and sounds. Return to the meeting place to receive your certificates.


Volcanoes National Park is located on a small village called Ruhengeri and it’s accessible by public means from Gisenyi or from the International Airport of Rwanda, it is just 2 hour drive to the park.


The best month to visit Rwanda is in the dry season June to September, December to February since it’s accessible.


During gorilla tracking in Rwanda you can stay in all hotels ranging from luxury to mid-range then budget as shown below

  • Mountain Gorillas’ Nest Lodge
  • Gorillas Volcanoes Hotel
  • Virunga Lodge
  • Kinigi Guest House
  • Red Rocks Rwanda
  • Home Inn