Have you imagined a holiday in Uganda? To lonely planet, Africa’s top tourist destination and to the 1908 Churchill master piece” MY AFRICAN JOURNEY” it is the pearl of Africa and the land gifted by nature.

A combination of thrilling tourist attractions makes a safari to Uganda an ideal choice to your dream of a fantastic holiday, from the amazing  of rich local cultures with at least over 40 ethnic tribes notable of them, the Baganda, Banyankole, Basoga, karamajongos, Acholis, Iteso,Bagisu, Batwa, and many more with a uniform character of friendliness to the visitors, this ensures  answers to one’s curiosity of  understanding African way of life, like, the rational to the periodic cultural  circumcision of the “MASAABA” traditionally known as “EMBALU”  from  eastern Uganda, the impressive life of the pigmies known as the Batwa from South west and the diversity of gods and their different roles in the traditional religions of Baganda from Central Uganda.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The incredible climate will add up to many that are likely to arise one’s curiosity to the phenomenal beauty of Uganda, it is friendly through out the year, a combination of sunshine, rain and the cool breeze from the tropical forests, snow capped mountains and fresh waters most especially lake Victoria and river Nile, the world’s biggest and longest water bodies in their capacities respectively, this is likely to make it difficult for one to tell whether its  a hot or cold land, as at one time in the moment of any day, the above mentioned elements of whether can be experienced,  this coupled with a stunning wild life notable for the breath-taking green sceneries and the amass of  biodiversity including the big four, the rare tree climbing lions and almost half of the world’s bird species amounting to the total of over 560 including the beautiful shoebill stork.

A Uganda safari will as well unveil the country’s richness in the primates, as the red tailed monkeys and chimpanzees are easily spotted in their natural habitats and in the gazetted places for habituation. Because of the adaptability nature of climate in Uganda, its no surprise that its also a home to the biggest primates in nature, the widely known as the gentle giants of planet earth, THE MOUNTAIN GORILLAS; they are rare and are only found in Rwanda, DRC Congo and Uganda in the whole world, the later being home to half of world’s remainining mountain Gorillas. you cannot  furnish the visit to Uganda  without  visiting the National parks where you can see the Big Four in their wildness .